For years, Michigan caregivers and homegrowers were forced into the shadows. They were punished mercilessly by the criminal justice system, stigmatized by the media, and treated like the dregs of society for getting medicine to the needy.

These pioneers created an industry that is now essential, a recession-proof industry that provides prosperity to thousands upon thousands of Michigan residents. Now, they are getting squeezed out of the industry by the same interests who allowed prohibition to languish on for decades.

The corporate interests have come to feast upon the industry with their cash and their lobbyists to squeeze the pioneers out of the industry. In Lansing, they have had the advantage to defeat the little guy—until now!

The Michigan Caregivers Association (MCA) has been founded to proactively push legislation, ballot initiatives and other campaigns to make sure there are laws on the books that make sure caregivers are able to grow medicine and give it to the needy.


The MCA is a pro-business organization that promotes competition. We do not want to squeeze anyone out of the industry. We just want rules that allow for an honest marketplace that is driven by the consumer, rather than a cabal of insiders in smoke-filled backrooms in Lansing.

The MCA is renowned for its transparency, as we publish all of our proposed legislation on our official website, and regularly foster discussions with stakeholders from the industry. We are always looking for ways to promote the rights of caregivers’ and give them every chance to thrive in the industry they are responsible for creating.

Additionally, the MCA will be producing powerful documentary films to highlight the injustice going on within the marijuana industry. While legalization is an incredible leap forward toward progress, there is much more work to be done to make sure the marijuana industry remains free. Our documentary film projects will elucidate the problems within the industry to move and inspire average cannabis users and other pro-justice activists to snap into action to defend the rights of caregivers and homeowners against the attempted hijacking of the industry by corporate titans.

The MCA is a nonpartisan organization that seeks to unite Republicans, Democrats and independents around the singular goal of protecting caregivers and homegrowers. We are fighting against the divisive and toxic atmosphere within our politics as we believe there is tremendous common ground on the issue of marijuana. Majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents now support legal cannabis, and we will provide the organization and the resources for unity to be achieved around the goal of protecting rights.

Record of Success

The founding members of the Michigan Caregivers Association fought successfully to save the caregiver model when it was under attack in 2015, when Big Money interests attempted to impose regulations on the industry to take it over.

The regulations that were implemented were far from perfect, but they protected home growers and the medical marijuana industry from being steamrolled by the bad guys. However, the full legalization of marijuana has opened the door for more money to pour into the industry, and this has put the industry in jeopardy of getting destroyed for good.

Our success was achieved by mobilizing activists, focusing their passion on the legislature, and imposing pressure on lawmakers to ensure they do what is best for all. This is how the grassroots can effectively lobby to prevent terrible legislation from being passed and actually achieve the will of the people. Our intention is to unite various industry groups for the purposes of maximizing our effectiveness.

As marijuana has become America’s top cash crop and been mainstreamed, there will be many people who can grow rich as a result of this burgeoning industry. This is amazing news, and this industry is restoring the American Dream. But we need to ensure that the prosperity is shared among the people, not horded by an elite few. This is what the Michigan Caregivers Association is all about achieving. We hope you join us.